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Now get to know some of the ways we can use technology to reach, collaborate with, and empower our students.


2014 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

Internet Safety for our Students

Teachers, parents, and students are all responsible for staying safe while online.

Watch Brainpop's Internet Safety Video for Kids

How to Teach Internet Safety to Younger Elementary Students
by Mary Beth Hertz is an elementary computer teacher in Philadelphia, PA. She has good advice to offer to teachers and parents at her blog at Philly-teacher.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Pyramid
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Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Pyramid
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We do not have a lot of time in the ECDC library to introduce and use web tools, but Ms. Murphy makes sure that kids are exposed to them and know how to use them properly. Below are terrific posters from Random House to download and print out to post in your classroom.

For elementary age digital citizens For middle school age digital citizens

WEB TOOLS and Resources ECDC students are using

Wikispaces-We use wikispaces for learning about books nominated for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.
Ms. Murphy has been using wikispaces for many years for her teaching platform. It is a great source for collaboration and communication.

Want to see if another teacher has an alternative teaching strategy? Try out Share My Lesson.
Kid Blog-Students are creating their own blogs and using them for writing and sharing.
Kid Blog allows students to publish posts and participate in discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs.

Here are some web based video creation sites we use to create book projects and book trailers:


Tim Wilhelmus is an educator that has wrapped several useful educational tools all into one website. He includes links to each resource and how it represents Best Practices in education. Well done Tim.

Use Web Tools for Teachers by Type Tim Wilhelmus's Public Shelf.

Jayme Linton's Live Binder of Web Tools or visit her Tech Tips for Teachers Blog or Teaching Reading in the Digital Age Wiki

Video Tutorials for Web Tools
Outstanding collection of video Tutorials collected by "Adventures in Library Girl" Super Librarian-Jennifer LaGarde

The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators

Web Tools that are Worth a Look
Wondering what Web 2.0 tools are worth a look? This handout details the services that Teaching the iGeneration ( author Bill Ferriter is using in his personal and professional work. It is designed as a companion to his 2-Day Teaching the iGeneration course wiki, which can be found online here:

How to Use Twitter as Part of Your PLN (Personal Learning Network)

What is a PLN? A Personal Learning Network is your connections with other teachers, administrators, fellow learners, authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, or whoever else will help you to benefit in your personal learning growth. It is a reciprocal and symbiotic process where learners create or gather information and resources and share them with their PLN team. Many PLN members have never met face-to-face and can live in different countries.

Twitter is easy to use but I was once confused about it too. I advise starting slowly and just read through other people's tweet streams (the messages sent out as "Tweets") until you begin to see the direction you want to go with Twitter. Ms. Murphy uses Twitter in a professional manner only. I do not use it for personal messages or updates on my life or family-well, maybe the occasional good recipe. Ms. Murphy chats about books and book activities: @JuleeMurphy

Want to understand all those crazy looking #hash-tags?
Read Cybrary Man's list of educational #hash-tags
Want to join a book club or education chat session? Try Cybrary Man's list of Ed Chat Hash-tags.

Ms. Murphy participates in both #Nerdybookclub and #Sharpschu book clubs.

Popular Educational Twitter Hashtags
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