Ms. Murphy has been fascinated by TAMUCC's vertical wind turbine initiative. You may have seen some of them going up around campus and at the TAMUCC Momentum Campus at Nile and Ennis Joslin behind the Thomas J. Henry Tennis Center. There are eleven vertical wind turbines being installed.

Here is a photo of the on campus wind turbines being installed. (credit: Coastlines March 2012 with permission)
wind_turbine Coastlines pic.jpg

Here is some video footage Ms. Murphy took August 2012 of three (4-kilowatt) vertical wind turbines at the TAMUCC Momentum Campus.
You might see these on your way to school behind the Thomas J. Henry Tennis Center at Nile and Ennis Joslin Roads. Look how the wind is whipping nearby palm trees. Corpus Christi is a very windy city.

Pictured above

Wind Turbines supply a form of energy called renewable energy because it comes from a non-diminishing supply of wind, a free natural resource. The power generated annually from the eleven turbines is expected to provide 217,945 kilowatt hours of electricity allowing Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi to lower its utility costs by approximately $18,000-$25,000 a year. This helps our community to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth. The wind turbines were manufactured by Urban Green Energy and distributed by 3eWerks. According to Bob Loftin, 3eWerks CEO, "The combined total of 92 kilowatts makes this the largest vertical axis wind turbine installation in the nation."

4 turbines on the main campus near the water tower pictured above (Three 20 kilowatt and One 4-kilowatt).
3 turbines at the TAMUCC Momentum Campus near Nile and Ennis Joslin intersection (three 4-kilowatt)
4 turbines at the Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center in Flour Bluff (four 4-kilowatt)
11 Wind turbines in Total

3 turbines X 20 kilowatts = 60 kilowatts
8 turbines X 4 kilowatts = 32 kilowatts
11 turbines 92 kilowatts


800px-Brown_pelican_-_natures_pics upload.jpg
Alan D. Wilson under Creative Commons Attribution Share a-like
Hans and Pat Sutter Wildlife Refuge

How will these wind turbines affect the bird population? Just across from the TAMUCC Momentum Campus is the Hans and Pat Sutter Wildlife Refuge.
Most of us in CC call it "The Nature Walk"."
DId you know? 2003 - 2011, nine consecutive years, Corpus Christi was declared the “Birdiest City” in the nation with more individual species counted than any other city.

Here is a cool video I found of someone biking along the Nature Walk at Hans and Pat Sutter Wildlife Refuge. at 6:25 minutes, they go out on the boardwalk to where you can see birds most days.

And another by Cornell Lab of Ornithology as they hold their Big Day in Texas of bird sighting including a trip to Corpus Christi.

This is My World and Yours too.

Get to know your world and explore it.

Visit the World Wonders Site.

Google has now taken 132 historic sites from around the world and put them together into a single showcase called the World Wonders Project.



My name is Argonaut. My friends and I are from the spherical planet, Xzogneit. We are Aliens on Vacation staying at the Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast. I came to your planet Earth to seek out all your cool Earth places and found this awesome tool called Google Earth that lets you travel through the virtual world without ever having to leave home. I miss my home. I think I forgot to turn off my fish.

On my planet, we guide our own learning while having fun too. Take a virtual journey with me to remarkable lands and historic places and see all that your planet has to offer. Maybe afterwards we can go and get a ice cream cat together. Is that right?

World Wonders Guide-a helpful tool for self learners and teachers too.

Ms. Murphy is always interested in learning about all kinds of technology. This is how I have been able to teach you about creating your own web pages, surveys, and book trailers. I recently viewed this video of a clever 6th grade student who creates computer apps (applications) for himself, his classmates, and even his teachers. Maybe we could begin to look into doing this too (Screen will appear blank on CCISD computers).

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Clip art Discovery School
Alien Illustrations Copyright c 2011 by Christian Slade
Disney Books
Clete Barrett Smith
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Birds of South Texas
Texas A&M University Coastlines