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Today's Quest task:

1. Listen to what President Abraham Lincoln has to share with you.
Push the play button.
You should be able to see Abe Lincoln unless the school district is blocking the Voki image.
This is a great educational tool for students that helps them self check their proofreading strategies. If you do not punctuate or spell your text correctly then your Voki will not make sense and you will need to make corrections.

Voki link to Abe Lincoln Readers Quest Challenge

2. Next, read this paragraph.

What is the Readers Quest?
Why are we changing what we use to do?
As you are aware, the ECDC has discontinued utilizing the Accelerated Reader (AR) program at our school. It is important to understand that change is always happening and how we deal with our changing circumstances are a sign of how well we are becoming mature citizens ready to take on exciting challenges and to grow in our learning.

Ms. Murphy has been consulting the best and brightest brains in the whole country (OK, my Twitter educator friends).
I discovered that many other schools were no longer using AR and were also in search of something new, innovative, interesting, challenging and most of all-meaningful.

The Readers Quest is designed to encourage students to:
  • Read a variety of interesting, yet challenging, books from a variety of literary genres
  • Explore their creativity through designing and creating multimedia projects that promote reading.
  • Become proficient in library skills and in the use of web based tools.

Students will be awarded badges that symbolize the completion of each goal related task. We are starting our library badge program from the ground up so we may need to make changes as we go. Please share your ideas and suggestions and we will take it from there together. Good luck on your Readers Quest.

3. Listen to what Ms. Woofie or Ms. Murphy has to tell you.
You should be able to see a talking Voki image unless the school district is blocking it.

The ECDC Readers Quest

The ECDC Readers Quest-The Power of Choice
Wield it wisely

Readers in the ECDC Library have always been allowed to choose books that are interesting and challenging to students.

This year, students will also be offered the opportunity to earn Readers Quest badges by:

  • Accomplishing genre based reading challenges.
  • Learning and applying library skills.
  • Using web based tools to create multi-media projects to promote reading for pleasure or to gain knowledge.
  • Creating or crafting book displays, book projects, author/illustrator projects or a themed based projects.
  • Completing Bluebonnet Book Club projects.
  • Serving as a Junior Librarian
  • Performing a community service task.
  • Anything else we decide would make a good badge challenge.

4. Listen to this alien from outer space. He has great news!
You should see a talking alien here.

The Seeker badge-Students will take on the task of using multiple strategies to locate books using the Insignia Library program. (Search by title, subject, keyword, series, or author),

Congratulations Seaturtles! Most of you were able to complete your very first challenge in your Readers Quest.

The Seeker Badge

5. Leave your computer and let the next student know it's their turn to use it.