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Julee Murphy runs this wiki. She is a/an
  1. Texas certified teacher
  2. elementary school librarian at the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC).
  3. Education Specialist for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
  4. Retail merchandiser.(so cool)


Education: B.A. Psychology and M.S. in Early Childhood Education with Texas teacher certification.
Dedicated Life Long Learner with emphasis on technology integration and READING!
21st Century Learner; 23 Things Graduate; Project Wild Graduate; Project Learning Tree Graduate; Wiki Engineer; and always more, more, more! If I stop learning then my brain will wither, shrivel, and turn to dust. It is believed that she has a bazillion hours of online professional development under her belt.

Greetings, I am Ms. Murphy, your ECDC Librarian.

Purpose of our wiki:

Ms. Murphy wanted to offer students a fun place to hang out and play online. There are games, book trailers, and even resources for teachers. It's still kind of just getting started so gradually they will be more and more cool things to do.

Be sure to visit our Bluebonnet Book Clubs. This year is going to outdo all the past Bluebonnet book clubs.